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Professional CV Writing Services by ACS Experts  
In today's business competitive world, you need an outstanding CV to reach at the interview stage - the first step in getting the job you want.

We offer a dedicated professional CV and resume writing consultancy specializing in designing dynamic and interview-winning CVs.
FAQ's for
CV Writing
We have over 12 years of Recruitment experience:
» While working with a large number of companies comprising of MNCs & reputed Indian companies including Fortune 500 companies.
» Our clients are from various industries, such as Building Products, Chemicals, Construction, Durables, FMCG & FMCD, Medical & Health Services, Retail etc.
» In various fields of   Engineering, Marketing, Exports, IT, Finance, HR and Supply Chain Management etc.

The skills we offer include a vast knowledge of best recruitment practice, training and development, coaching and CV writing in India.
Why use professional CV writing services of ACS?
» We know what the employers are looking for and aim to vastly improve your chances of getting that all important interview. Our attention to detail is well known and we pride ourselves in the way that we present the CV, combine style with factual information.
» We keep our professional CV writing services highly professional.
» They only have limited time; they can’t possibly interview every candidate. So they will sort through the stack of CVs and probably spend no more than 45 seconds scanning each one. The ones that grab their attention and score on all of their needs they put aside for future review, the rest they put aside for shredding!

Our object while designing your CV  

Most CVs are screened initially by the company’s HR executives, so it is critical that your outstanding and matching experience and qualifications stand out in a clear and concise way. They are not usually technical people in your specific area, so the key words & phrases must be easily available. Also CV must have depth to it so that when it gets successfully through the initial screening.

Subsequently during the interview, the specialist should be attracted to you sufficiently and have a good discussion.
Various modules to help you get the best out of your CV  

CV Creation / Upgradation

CV Designing for Executives
Price for India
(In Rupees)
Price for Overseas / Immigration
(In Rupees)
Cover Letter
Cover Letter
We can create a powerful CV with enough punch to beat the competition and get you higher chances of interview I Junior level, having experience of 1 to 3 years 850 175 1250 250
Il Middle Management, with one or more professional qualifications, having 3 to 7 years of experience / salary 1650 300 2400 425
Ill Senior Level professionals, fully heading a function in the organisation, with 7 to 14 years 2700 500 3700 700
IV Top Level professionals, fully heading a SBU / organisation, with 14 to 20 years
5000 600 7000 1200
V Top Level professionals / heading a SBU / organization, with 20+ years
7000 1200 10000 1650

CV Evaluation

(In Rupees)
All levels
Your current CV will be very objectively evaluated & rated. 

You will be informed of the score of your CV against following attributes:

1. English language (Grammar, punctuation, spelling etc.)
2. Formatting and Layout (initial impression, fonts, style, length, structure etc.)
3. Content
4. Presentation of facts
5. Use of Key words & phrases
6. Highlighting the unique points.
7. Length
8 Flow and
9. Many other details.

Rs. 950
How much does it cost to get my Resume Flashed by you?  

At Advanced Corporate Services, we have various models to choose from, depending on your needs & budget. 
The prices are as follows. attributes:

Description  Professional Charges (In Rupees)
Send CV to 250 Consultants in India Rs. 750 /-
Send CV to 500 Consultants in India Rs. 1000 /-
Send CV to 250 Corporates in India

Rs. 1500 /-

Send CV to 500 Corporates in India Rs. 3000 /-

» Economical Combo »
Send CV to 500 Consultants & 500 Corporates inIndia
(Buy one get onefree)

Rs. 3500 /-
How to send your CV / information for designing CV  
It can be sent by you via email, or by post. CV designed using the information provided by you and on our CV Data form.
".....thank you and rather compliment you for coming up with such a good CV for me. It was like you created something really concrete and fruitful from almost nothing. There were lot of hidden things which you explored and came out with......"

- Dy. General Manager of a Leading Telecom Company (Identity kept confidential)
How to send payment to Advanced Corporate Services  
Please send a Draft in the name of "ADVANCED CORPORATE SERVICES" at following address:
(Professional HR Consultants)
New Delhi INDIA
Mobile : +91-9873372723
Phone : (91 -11) 43022692, 43022693, 9873372726
E-mail :
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